Design & Consulting

The Gal has been working in restaurants since she was 15 years old and went to art school in Chicago to obtain her bachelors in Visual Communications so that she could bring her restaurant concepts and ideas to life. A restaurant isn’t only about the food, ambiance and customer service, it also about how you want to communicate visually with your customers. This is her expertise. It starts with a logo and a brand first, and then evolves into a product and a presence, which then finishes by delivering that concept and idea to your guest through photography, a website and marketing. Whether you need help in every step of this process, or only one step, the gal can help bring your concept and ideas to life.

Logo Design | Concept/Brand Design | Collateral Design | Web Design | Menu Design

Advertising Design | Food & Beverage Photography | Marketing & Social Media

We have 15+ years under our belts working in the food & beverage industry. We’ve worked in restaurants in Chicago, Saint Louis, San Diego, West Michigan and most recently Nashville, where we were the operating partners of City Fire located in The Gulch. Recently we just closed our restaurant in downtown Nashville to relocate back to our roots in West Michigan to start The Beard & The Gal. After running restaurants for the last decade, we’re ready to pass on all of our hard work to our community through our food and knowledge in the Food & Beverage industry. We want to help all of the local restaurants thrive in our community, and help in any way that we can. We have experience in opening new restaurants, rebranding existing restaurants, closing restaurants, fine dining, high volume, fast casual and private events both small and large scale. Whether you need help in a specific area of your restaurant, or the entire process, we’re here to help. Email us today at!

Concept & Brand Development | Recipe & Menu Development | Cost & Profit Strategy

Recipe Analysis | FOH & BOH Training Programs | Community & Local Sourcing

Design and Implement Bar Programs | Set Up & Organize POS Systems | Restaurant Liquidation